Our Mission and Vision

SESTI Private Limited is primarily a management and service support company with a focus on some key sectors like  Agriculture, Health, Social Development, Skill Development Training and Employability, Manpower recruitment and capacity building, Education consulting and IT services. As India is progressing as the world’s fastest-growing economy among the leading economies, we are witnessing a surge in its social spending and infrastructure development. With the result, thousands of new Social and Commercial Entrepreneurs are venturing into business to be part of this successful economic journey and social prosperity. Along with this, scores of Government schemes across all key sectors like Housing, Skill development and Employability, Health care, Water and sanitation, Rural Development, Agriculture, Women and child development, Handicrafts etc. have been launched to percolate the benefits of economic growth down to the underprivileged and backward sections of the society. Driven by our ambition to be proud contributors and beneficiary of our Country’s growth story, we have come into being with an aim to become a trusted business entity to augment support to farmers, unemployed youth, and Government and Private sector payers including NGOs for creating the desired impact out of their Programmes. We are committed to holding high standards of ethics while being professionally among the best. We are and want to be seen as -a socially responsible Company favouring Eco-friendly technologies and green practices.